Thursday, September 16, 2010

7 days of Eat-Pray-Love in Macau/Hong Kong - Day 06

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Disneyland, Big Buddha and The Peak, we have seen them all and we were depleted by the summer heat, but Hong Kong has so much that we have yet to see, how can we stop?! So today we are going to explore the bustling city - feet!

(Central MTR Station)

(Statue Square)

HSBC headquarters - built by Norman Foster and this is the 4th incarnation of the HSBC headquarters. At the front entrance, sit a pair of lions - Stephen and Stitt. They are the sourvenir from the 3rd headquarters and rumour has it that it will bring prosperity to those who stroke their mane, but I don't know how true is this...we shall see.. :P

(Court of Final Appeal, built in the mid 1800's)

(St John's Cathedral)

Central-Mid-levels travelator - the half mile long escalator is the world's longest covered escalator in the world, it takes 25 mins from one end to another. And this is free! Get on to it and enjoy a bird's eye view of some of the narrow alley and trendy neighbourhoods for eating, drinking and shopping in Central. As our feet were aching from all the walking, we got on to it and allowed this travelator do the walking for us :)

Halfway through the travelator, we saw the Hong Kong Police Station and quickly we got off the travelator to get a closer look at this beauty. This building was built in 1913, however it is no longer a police station. The cops have moved to Wan Chai and now this building is preserved to savour elements of its heritage.

As it was almost noon, we walked into a teeny weeny mini BBQ restaurant (everything is mini in Hong Kong as they don't have much land) nearby for lunch before reuniting with my friends at Central MTR station to head off to Golden Bauhinia Square at Wan Chai.

After seeing the golden flower, it was shopping time at Time Square in Causeway Bay! :D We shopped till the sun set before we return to our hotel in Mongkok.
After we showered, all fresh and nice, my mind began to ask "What's for dinner tonight? What's good around Mongkok?"...we ambled along the streets and saw this decent-sized-restaurant Tai Hing that we always pass by but never once try. So tonight, we decided to try Tai Hing. OMG.. the broth (老火汤 and the luo soon tong) that we both tried was so so slurpy-good!!

***I will post the pics up later when I have it***

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